brownbulletBusiness Development for Germany/Italy
Marketing, Project Development & Management, Sales

brownbulletConsulting for Media Companies
Advertising Management, Production, Organization & IT

brownbulletSystemic Consulting
Coaching & Organizational Development


aprile consulting GmbH is an independent consulting company, specializing in business development (Italy - Germany), the advertising industry and systemic consulting.

Our focus is on the development of concepts and studies, the realization of customized solutions, as well as their operational implementation on the market and within our clients' companies and structures.

Our approach is based on systemic consulting. We analyze interpersonal communication, harmonious, efficient processes and a structured approach as the basic prerequisites for the success of the business.

Our customers are companies in a wide range of industries that wish to further the development of their business, planning and the performance of special projects or to optimize their own structures and processes.

Media companies, that profit from the value add of the advertising business, appreciate our many years of experience and the solutions we develop specifically for our clients.

Our network of partners consists of companies and freelance experts who offer products, competence and experience in various industries and diverse specializations (e.g. specialist attorneys for European law, tax and financial consultants, marketing consultants, communications consultants, HR trainers, IT specialists, etc.)



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